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Governance & Operations

The Village of Long Creek operates under the provisions of the Delaware Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act. The VOLC Maintenance Corporation oversees all governance, policies, and operations of the community in harmony with the laws of Delaware.



The VOLC operates under By-Laws established by the community residents in 2013. These establish guidelines for electing Board Members, the frequency of meetings, financial responsibilities, and voting procedures. 


VOLC By-Laws

Deed Restrictions

The Village of Long Creek is a deed-restricted community as set forth in the Maintenance Declaration of Restrictions or MDRs.  Revisions to the builder-imposed restrictions have been made by community vote and a process was established allowing them to be continuously amended.  The documents here reflect the current deed restrictions. 


Maintenance Declaration First Amendment

MDRs Third Amendment

MDR Guidelines

Fine Schedule for MDR Violations


All VOLC Operations are provided under the leadership of the Board of Directors. Every effort is made to gather input from residents when it comes to managing services and public spaces.

Property Maintenance

The Village of Long Creek has engaged Investment Property Services to assist with managing the day-to-day operations of properties and common areas. IPS should be contacted with any questions or concerns you may have regarding lawn care, snow removal, waste disposal, and architectural review. Dino and Christina Peronti are our primary contact at IPS. They can be reached at (302) 994-3907, Option #2 or by EMAIL. If you want to access the IPS Resident Portal, click HERE.

Architectural Review

As mentioned above, VOLC is a deed restricted community and requires that all residents maintain their properties in accordance with the Maintenance Declaration of Restrictions. A committee comprised of residents works with IPS to ensure that the community maintains a cohesive and pleasant appearance. To learn more about the Architectural Review process, click HERE.

Appeals Process for Disapproved ARC Requests - Policy Resolution 2023-1


The VOLC clubhouse is available for use by residents and their guests.  Community social events, committee meetings, and small-group gatherings are held there.  The lending library, work-out equipment and pool table are open anytime for use by residents. 

VOLC Clubhouse Policy.

Complaint Procedures

Any complaints or concerns regarding lawn care, snow removal, waste removal or architectural review, contact Investment Property Services (IPS) at (302) 994-3907, option #2, or send an EMAIL.

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