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Grounds Maintenance

The Village of Long Creek is a Maintenance Organization, and as such, provides all homeowners with lawn care and snow removal. These services ensure that properties and all common areas are well-maintained and safe for everyone. This is accomplished through the efforts of our Grounds Committee, IPS, our service contractors, and Garden Club volunteers.

All questions related to grounds maintenance are to be directed to Investment Property Services (IPS). Call 302-994-3907 or send an EMAIL.

Grass & Gardens

Trees, gardens, and all private lots and common areas in and surrounding the VOLC are maintained on a regular basis during the growing season.  This maintenance is contracted and paid for with your monthly homeowners fees. For times when you prefer not to have your lawn mowed or or your builder beds tended, flags are provided to alert the gardeners.

Lawn Mower Selection Support

Snow Removal

Shovelling Snow

In the event of accumulated snowfall, VOLC has arranged with a contractor to clear the roads, sidewalks, driveways, and paths leading to your front door.  When the forecast predicts snow, you will receive notice of when snow removal efforts will begin. More information about snow removal can be found below.


The Gardens Committee is comprised of  residents who volunteer their time to beautify the VOLC entrance and club house gardens.  Benches around the community  have been adopted and are often seen with potted plants and seasonal decorations.  If you wish to participate in these activities contact the Grounds Committee Chairperson.

Purple and Pink Hanging Flowers

The VOLC Grounds Committee now has the use of a drone to help identify potential concerns with our

trees and common areas. Here is a video from the first drone flyover of the VOLC.

Helpful Information

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