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The Village of Long Creek is profoundly grateful to the many residents who volunteer their time and endless energy to serve on the Board and the various committees that make our community so strong.

2022-2023 Board of Directors



Gardens Club

A Grounds Sub-Committee

Ruth Leaming, Chair

Susan Brubaker

Christine Killian

Greta Ostroski

Judy Pannucci

Chandrikkah Thankappan

Architectural Review

Odette Haight, Chair

Melody DeVoe, Board Liaison

Marion Bowman

Nancy Weldin

A Clubhouse Sub-Committee

Monica Chan

Loretta Fitch

Cheryl Ford

Nancy Halbedl

Mary Ohara

JoanMarie Powers

Fran Rapp

Janet Sanders

Wanda Search

Pam Smith

Jean Skelly

Carolyn Aresu, Board Liaison

Christine Killian, Co-Chair

Cheryl Werner, Co-Chair, Libraria



Ray Krout, Board Liaison

Loretta Dougherty

Joe Doto

Amy Leickel

Governing Documents

Melody DeVoe, Board Liaison

MDR Committee
A Governing Documents Sub-Committee

Linda Trach, Chair

Melody DeVoe, Board Liaison

Marion Bowman

Ray Jenkins

MaryTheresa Lednum

Patio Pavilion 
A Clubhouse Subcommittee

Cheryl Werner, Chair

Bob Dickol

Loretta Dougherty

Ray Whiteoak



Bob Leaming, Chair

Len Krygowski, Board Liaison

Eric Dean

Stan Sanders

Sharon Dickol, Chair

Odette Haight, Board Liaison

Monica Chan

Martyanne Grabusky

Sharon Mutschler


Sharon Dickol, Chair

Mike Ostroski, Board Liaison

Cheryl Werner

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